KONG KEK SENG TRANSPORT SDN BHD was first founded in the 70s of the last century trading under the name and style of KONG KEK SENG in providing transport services. It has a modest starts, in 1982 it began with a new HIAB 6-Ton hydraulic crane-mounted Bedford lorry to provide hauling and transport services for the local traders.
Through sheer hard work, over the year KONG KEK SENG TRANSPORT SDN BHD has grown into the size of today, having seven private limited companies operating independently under its umbrella. However, their functions are complimentary and supplementary to each other. They are namely:
2) CHI EQUIPMENT SDN BHD (Company No.614840-M)
3) SYAIFAR TRACTORS SDN BHD (Company No.652278-T)
4) SYAIFAR REALTY SDN BHD (Company No.63525-W)
5) CH TRUCK MORTGAGE SDN BHD (Company No.637180-M)
6) KOSANO SDN BHD (Company No.587194-U)
7) CHALUN SDN BHD (Company No.718161-A)
These private limited companies handle diverse businesses but in sum, their functions are pertinent to fulfill the need of the whole business operation. It has planned to consolidate all these companies under one parent company.


1. Sale of new and used cargo trucks, dump trucks, prime movers, Concrete-mixers & etc.
2. Repair and servicing of trucks and heavy equipment.
3. Provide hauling and transporting service throughout East Malaysia.
4. Manufacture trailers of all type, oil & LNG tanker, cement spreader and trailers for special purpose.
5. Building steel bridges on site for lumber companies in remote interior of Sarawak, East Malaysia.
6. Credit and loan business.
7. Import and Export.
8. Sales, mounting & servicing of all types of crane, aerial platform and hooklift.

The company has 3 workshops located within a distance of 1-KM radius. Presently, work has begun to relocate and house them under one roof once the construction work of the main workshop is completed. The other two workshops will eventually be turned into three showrooms for displaying products of which we are the dealer.
A collection of photographs for the manufactured trailers, imported crane, aerial working platform, hooklift and trucks are annexed herewith for your kind reference.



In 2013, NBG Industries Sdn Bhd was founded with four partners holding equal share and Mr. Kong is one of the shareholders. In 2014, after a long and thorough negotiation between both parties, the distributorship contract for FAW was sealed between NBG and FAW. Mr. Kong is the designated Technical Director of the NBG, taking charge of all matters relating to the technical field of the vehicles.

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